Jasper Quince’s upcoming full length sci-fi novel, A Dark Blue Marble is in the final draft process. If you are a publisher or a fan interested in this book, please reach out and express your excitement. Depending on the fate of the novel, the book will be released sometime in 2023.

Premise: Over a hundred years since the Turning, a reckoning mostly long forgotten by its survivors, life has simplified in a Tribalism ideal. There is no electricity, no supermarkets, no city life. In fact technology is nonexistent. Life is challenging, but also back to our roots until, that simple life changes in the worst way for two individuals, Orr and Julia.

After everything they know is destroyed by a band of vagabonds preaching a new way of life, Orr and Julia seek revenge, while searching for answers. They set off on a journey through the warped world now referred to as Atlandia. Through psychological thrills, hallucinogenic realism, and a different way to look at science fiction, A Dark Blue Marble takes the reader on a tour de force that leaves you breathless and maybe a paper cut.

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