A New Chapter

Out with the old, turn the page for something new.I wear a badge to embark on a trend to let everyone knowI’m prepared and open to new ideas.Care to cater my entertainment? Set me straight as the horizon, day and night predictability.I raise hell and cacophony, prevalent and impatient.It’s a win for the ages, share […]

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Impossible, Precious Foresight

Citrine Summers veil the brewing doom, Hatchets of happiness plug an opened wound. There’s a king in his castle and he chants my cursed name, I am his soldier about to fight a battle upon his blessed plain. By spade and stick, I have hollowed the ground into a hideout, To save my family from […]

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Those who love will gain love in return. Those who possess will own nothing they earned. Where the line stops, I step on over, And feel the world fall from my shoulders. I’ve taken my sorrows and turned them to stone, And built out of them a home, I call my own. I’ve now made […]

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When A Pawn Warns Their Bishop

Their ways of understanding fill the steel basin, As they want, not a drop more or less. Let the stillness reflect their feelings, Cool as floor tile, sharp as business kills.   Everyone heard about those stock market uncertainties. The king hangs off the rung above, Tersely slips a heating plate underneath, Set to boil. […]

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Hideaway on West Center Road

In twilight’s moment, Where the black forest stirs, Amongst a coyote’s howl for prey, A burned away chapel two hundred years ago, Remains a marble alter, a slab wall, and a story, The sheen of dew shimmers in moon glow. In a neighboring field, crooked tombstones Jut up from the ground, As if these victims […]

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Purpose After Purpose

Cool as ice, I am a calmer, collected self Than I once was. That is me in the reflection of my black tea, The one I always wanted to be. Warm as condensation, I am an aware, energized self Than i once was. The sun, the beach, the breeze, Even I am amazed by my presence, From a […]

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