A Lullaby For Our Concerns

A Lullaby For Our Concerns We defy the malignant fears, And we see the miracle like a meteor bedazzlement. Inside those terrors, those morbid feelings, That paint over skies at night in specter & awe, The Homeland you once belonged to darkened. The callous grip on your peoples’ voices to escape, Those dilapidated houses, and […]

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Love Me Syndrome

Love Me Syndrome Another tempestuous night in Town Park, melancholy Wild Thoughts, seeks harbor from the fell dampness. Across an old Maple, restroom facilities, in a stall, His Swiss Knife carves, help!- a grounded cardinal, Over faded, besought scratches, then his number.   The windows behold an ashen canvas, dashing away A lustrous moon, sour […]

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Zephyr Our lives are zephyrs In hot Summers of love, Not just to exist, But each with this unique, determined purpose. All the while, We combat, kiss, kill, care. We are savages, hostiles, heroes, the hope, servants, Kings & Queens, We are peace and we are war. But at first, We are whatever, Satisfied in any direction, Coerced by […]

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Dreamy Realism

Dreamy Realism Quiet cities scare citizens, Scratches upon metal grated ramps, Into the hollow subway lit by Flickit flourescents. Hidden under the hyacinth, We would sip chamomile tea and chatter about The branches of life spreading from the tree of existence.

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Awoken Past

Awoken Past On broken wings, I ride the angel till’ she dies.What serenity- a flame that licks and doesn’t burn. A round, silver face, broadly flaxen towards the sunrise,In the light we all become alive, thirsty pupils to learn. An everlasting crusade condensed in ancient, thick outcries,Written beyond the stars, fueled from The Pit of […]

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By Fate

By Fate Roundly hollowed out by fate, Between the dangling tresses of trees, A pure light beams down, Revealing floating dust specs In still air, And your attention. To you, it means more than you know. So you snap a photograph to study later. My feet meander and compress the fuzzy grass of a park, […]

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