Those who love will gain love in return. Those who possess will own nothing they earned. Where the line stops, I step on over, And feel the world fall from my shoulders. I’ve taken my sorrows and turned them to stone, And built out of them a home, I call my own. I’ve now made […]

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The Freest Feeling

The Freest Feeling In transit, a seagull squaws above, My eyes rise to the occasion. But it is what the seagull squaws about, That catches my ball of attention, The freest feeling floating along. A helium balloon wiggles up Through a crisp sky of azure, A forest of clouds burst from the horizon, Topped off […]

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The Blues Part III

Blues are the crush you can’t have. The orange without juice, Summer without sun. The Blues close your eyes, And tunnel down your throat to the bottom of your tub, It scrapes the edges clean, until you moan and ache. ache Ache…   Blues paint Picasso’s beauty, Sing Ray Charles’ melodies, Makes a grown man […]

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Anticipating the Meat Wagon

I demand now, Who takes charge, When the Wagon of Di Rolls its bone sharpened spiked wheels of eternal malice, Up my winding overgrown driveway, And the shadowed horses of fire-blasting manes that flicker, Lick their wounds & charred skin, Crusty flakes of of ash coating a trail dusted by their roped tails, And the […]

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Back To California

Back To California Sun drenched days, Where I can get my brain a little wet, A place I was never meant to forget. And there I’ll take off-  just like I left it, once, In a dull, sullen daze. For now let me be, All I want is my shoulders weighed down from work, Daydreaming […]

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