Mount Helix

Sky’s height, a rise of epic-

The lone Helix Mountain greets me like a Mt. Fuji

Miles so far away.

The bus ducks under bridges and scrambles around turns,

But it doesn’t shake sight of that tan grand peak

With the sprinkle of evergreens on top,

And its inviting openness.

My, how I wish everyday to meet that of which

Is within the epicenter of its everything.

A sole It that welcomes all to climb,

Challenges the ones that pursue,

And rewards the honorees for summiting.

Many will tell you there is more to a mountain than looks,

Like a security guard to a mall,

A mountain is a safety to a small area for the greater Earth.

Some days I’ll want to shake that security guard and thank them,

Some days I’ll want to rest under open skies in a blueberry starlight,

On Helix Mountain, breathes of thin air,


in a nest of nature,

To reach the top and become the King of my land.

How mountains move me,


For the moments, I get the feeling,

That I move mountains, too.



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