Influential Decision to Remain and Cope

I get up every day, go down every night,

I thought there was a way, to win the restless fight.

A friend once sang to me, every little thing is gonna’ be alright,

I hadn’t the heart to tell him, that someday he’d learn he wasn’t right.

Bit my tongue, held my breath,

Hoped for a hand to shake me from death,

But it was nothing, nothing that kept me feeling like that spaceman

Sitting in his tin can.


I took a pen, wondering where to begin,

Started writing, and presented my life with a little spin,

Placed rose petals along my path, made myself one that would win,

Found love, she bestowed her charm, the world’s greatest sin.


And then I crumpled it, tore it in pieces, realized I was crass,

Discovered I’m the lunatic on the grass,

Remembering, games, and daisy chains and laughs,

That I was one lonely, forgotten jackass.


So I’ll play the part, and watch the day divide,

Alone and conquered, while everyone else’s eyes are wide,

I never listened to any ploys and so no one ever lied,

And now I board the train alone, and make it the best goddamn ride.


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