The Maul That Divides the Wood

A friend that is closer than family left today.

He’s driving off to the west to do what I wanted,

But money and a little reality slowed me down.

It is a sad time, and we are all affected by it.

We all show it in our own way, sitting around the table, playing with cellphones,

To keep our minds occupied.

-The one leaving talks too much, leaving all he knows, here, for a new future.

-The other who stays pushes the thought away he will be back and laughs.

-I can’t say a goddamn word or think up much about anything.

For the past three years, and before, in high school for more,

No friend ever stuck by me through the happiest moments

And the hellish ones like him.

I’ve saved his life, we went across America,

We are the world’s best hackey sack players, And yet,

We could talk night thru about Carl Sagan or plans for zombie invasions.

Talk the inner theories of music, or play.

And now we’re all grown up.

We’re 23 and a wedge has split our friendship apart.

When the door shuts behind him, all the memories come back.

Along with every friend I’ve lost in the past,

But this one is the hardest to cope with.

I find it hardest to say goodbye.


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