Dead Man’s Horse

What is paler than the moon’s glazed glow?

Its reflection.


They call it a desert, because it wants to be left alone,

But I ignore the angry sun and make myself at home.

I enjoy nothing here, but a few yuccas over there,

While I dig for water with a buffalo’s white shoulder bone.


I ride on a dead man’s horse,

Towards the black hazy heart in the sand,

Most who try to find it, will never understand,

You have to be raised like it to ask of such demand.

A dry way to survive, beats living in the city,

The ones that want to be left alone, gain the pleasure to do as they please,

Laws are fine as the grains I tread upon,

No one sees nothing, so no one sees me.


I ride on a dead man’s horse,

Heading Southwest Ajo,

Running away is my only course,

Fleeing is all i know.


Fill my bags with your belongings, and ride away the night.

And once I find the blackened heart in the pale reflection of the well,

I’ll finally begin to see the light.


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