A Forrest and Ocean Theme

Leave me to be, but pull me away,

As far as my chain will let me.

Thoughts of evergreen, bales of hay, and humble breeze,

Are all I need, everything else has to stay.


It pains me great with sorrow and grief,

To pick up a leaf and hold it in my hand,

Where, soon enough, I will pick up the sand,

To sift through my fingers, on thorough constructed belief.


Never have I been a family man,

With bubbly tubs of love & hugs.

I’m one to run on, with grunts and shrugs,

Because I’m lucky enough I can.


I’m an anchor, with barnacles, with lengthy chain,

Following rusted, worn tracks that migrate far from home.

Just because I am what I am, does not mean I must remain.

Does not mean I can’t ride that train.

I was given slack to someday stir, rise to the points of my feet, and roam.


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