Taking Not Enough Granted(Part I of II)

Taking Not Enough Granted(Part I of II)

So inexplicably,

The sun explodes the dark night

To an obliteration of taught, smelting pianowires ,

Sharp and keen.

My eyes grow wide as the sky of our Mother Earth shouts out to the roosters,

The clocks,

The moon. Your reign is over for now.

How set in stone these natural wonders

Occur& presume like a replaying movie.

Something supreme glitters the dewy grass, the hard sand,

The eyes of the children bumbling to class.

It’s the natural beauty we all assume,

But I relish in it every day.

I let it seize me by the throat,

Squeeze the air from my lungs,

And tingle through my bloodstream.

Imagine if the sun was a spotty, disperser of light droplets.

And we would harvest it by the bucket, filling pails full.

I’d guzzle a gallon a day.

I love the georgia peach sunrise, as I romance the Brooklyn Pale sunset.

After long days, where the mind has fallen miles

Behind the body, it is easy to walk into

Walls or place the sugar in the refrigerator.

But I want more.

I’d like to

Force the young and aged, terrorists to Americans,

Politicians to politicians

That the sun only rises once a day,

Isn’t it just wrong to take all that for granted?


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