Rumors from a crowd of eavesdropping reporters

Claimed you were flying through cyan skies,

Across the city, like a comet. It was shattering news-

But it mattered not to me.


Then, one day, When I watched a noisy plane push on by,

I saw you-

Momentarily bending and dipping away from your leisure,

To look closely at all the souls reflected in your wet, glass-ed eyes.

You stopped in mid-air. To return a smile I gave to you.

Then you swung over and picked me off my feet,

Something only some Superwoman could do.


We flew away.

I had not been so high in ages.

I could see your fingers sifting through clouds,

Gliding delicately into the sunlight,

While I clung onto your back,

Gazing down at the souls that were reflected in my wet glass-ed eyes,

Feeling once again, where I had been, when I was just an infant.


On a cosmic Summer meteor shower , we drew close to the ocean,

To smell the sea breeze of conches and algae,

To watch the asteroids reflections skipping along the waves,

You were holding me as tight as can be,

And then… you weren’t there-

Saltwater filled my fluttering lungs,

Until they acted as anchors, and I sank to the sandy bottom.


All the while, I stared up in the sky,

Watching your tail reach the ends of Earth and disappear forever,

With all the asteroids,

With your Motherly embrace still holding on,

Superwoman left me and she never said why.


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