2024, Oh, Holy Night

Oh, Holy Night Oh Holy Night.


I wake from rest to the dull rain and thunder,

Scraps of space stoning Mother Earth.

From a window of my capsule,

I am pierced and split like ripping paper.


Debris and chunks of rock with flaming wings, Plummet like raindrops into my homeland,

Asteroids with mass of buses plunking into the seas,

With anger, with authority.


The world tilts off its tilt,

And begins to rotate faster,

Spinning madly like an unstable top,

Rapidly pulling everything, and me, closer.


My vision goes staid, conic, and swirled.

My head swells with pressure,

All blood running from my face.

White- knuckled. This is the end.


But I can only think of the 8 billion people

Laying flat stomached on sidewalks,

Basement floors, or those that do not know,

Waiting for their loved ones to come home,

Sleeping forever, learning in school.

All surrender to the inevitable price of existence.




Day by day, night by night,

We built into land we knew nothing of.

And when we discovered what that was,

We remained ignorant to the thought

That someday, even we will die.


Darkness ensues me.

48 hours later, I jerk to life from

The deepest cavern of where my mind could take me. And immediately, I begin to cry.


Through my poor sights; One half of the planet,

The sun turns ablaze land and dried sea,

One half is encompassed in a globe of black

And I know nothing more.


Trees, water, life, displaced and eviscerated.

I wish I was on that planet with everyone else,

That was how it was supposed to be,

Here I will madly spin on beyond my existence.


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