Mourning Blues (The Blues Part ø)

Mourning Blues

Dip my Nikes in a city, 

Where they click to beats under flickering street lamps.

I’m pointing at windows with pretty every-things

But what makes it perfect is-

I’m in the city with you.

I’m growing up and getting ready.

Adventure here I am- but I don’t know much from there.

I bore from dried days, mourning blues, lost working until I bear wrinkles,

While slipping concentration of what to be and where.

I want to remember each melody like a hit single.

Blue skies, brown eyes, not sure why,

The path seems appropriate with you.

I’m bursting wings from my fingers,

And I want to fly my writing on thru,

To gently make you feel special,

So our struggle isn’t so long.

I’m not fortunate to be an angel but,

We’ll get somewhere someday,

Creating a saccharine halo around our heads .

Life is about the strangest surprises.

Where, you think you know one thing,

And that one thing is more than just one thing,

It is a lot of things,

Then it is a book’s length and you haven’t a clue where to begin.

But the answer is at the end.

And I know you hate page skipping,

So read on. I think we’re getting to the good part.


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