Back To California

Back To California

Sun drenched days,

Where I can get my brain a little wet,

A place I was never meant to forget.

And there I’ll take off-  just like I left it, once,

In a dull, sullen daze.

For now let me be,

All I want is my shoulders weighed down from work,

Daydreaming all day, and dreaming all night,

Finding ways from wrong directions to right destinations,

Just to jump back into the Pacific Sea.

When I give my blue goodbyes, and have final run,

Everyone will try to set my hopes ablaze, but none of it will burn.

I’m heading West-bound, California, to grow and learn,

To make a no one a some one, and to show everyone.

I have a one way ticket with golden edges,

My name engraved and departure,

There’s a lot of silver lines still crossing my mind.

War before Armageddon,

I’m going to the Golden hills/ lands.

For a resurrection.


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