The Great Strives We Attempt to Reach

I am a wounded soldier,
Only getting older,
Only growing tired.

Ages ago, the sun and I were inseparable,
Now our bond is irreparable.
And my thoughts go to you always.

Your saccharine eyes would look only for me,
Gentle cruising,
Great levels of life pumping,
Diamond shards sprinkle the moment,
Feeding the insanity
Like broken glass shattered on slick black pavement.

Ahhh…. These days I am found kicking debris down cobblestone streets.
Raising questions,
The concerned posing their own,
As I attempt to rest my eyes on the curb.

These nights i stay up,
afraid to wake up.
Cease the buzzing.
These dark crescents beneath my eyes,
Are going to follow me until my funeral.
And yet with you around it was never a problem.

When wheels rotate in reverse,
it’s a vendetta I must reimburse.
My hands, they stain rattles and soft blankets.
I am cold, as i try to forget the past.
Have you ever dreamt like i do,
surely if you had, you would know….


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