I am…

I am cunning as a fox,
Quicker than any weasel.
My intelligence is sharper than a hawk’s eyesight,
While my eyesight is keener than any eagle.
I’m the elephant forgetter,
Chameleon personality changer.
I am the delectable apple from the ripe apple tree.
I am the birds’ wings that fly you where you need to be.
I am the snide of the snake,
And the whale’s appetite.
I am the cat’s purr,
But the lion’s might.
I carry eight times my weight,
Like a Chinese fire ant, and when I’m upset,
I can bench a hundred times that.
I carry the friskiness of a Japanese fighter fish,
My respect and wisdom won’t find me on a sailor’s dish.
The boldness of a great white appears when I puff out my chest,
I am a Kodiak bear when you spot me catching some rest.
I am solely the things you wish me to be,
I am your imagination.
I am only what you could ever see


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